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It was the early Viking settlers who came to Caithness that named everything to the south "The Southlands" which is how Sutherland came by its name. However, Sutherland's history goes back much further than this.

There is evidence of man's activities throughout the county from prehistoric times. Stone Age and Bronze Age man have left their mark throughout the area, as have the Picts and the Scots. The remains of their buildings and monuments can be seen wherever you go.

Since those ancient times, small communities grew up throughout the county with the people living off the land. Families worked small parcels of land and tended to a few animals, and this simple way of life continued relatively undisturbed until the early eighteenth century.

But following the Jacobite defeat at Culloden, the Highlands and its people were persecuted. Then in the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, the people that once inhabited the remote glens and straths were replaced by the landowners with more profitable sheep - the infamous Highland clearances. Over the years many of Sutherland's population were forced to move from their land to the coastal villages or even emigrate to the New World. The ruined remains of their homes - in many cases even the ruins of entire villages - can still be seen to this day across the county.

More details of Sutherland's long and colourful history can be found as you explore the area further using our interactive map. You will find information about many historic buildings - castles, churches and prehistoric ruins - located throughout the area.

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