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Kinbrace is a small community in Strath Beg centred on a road junction and railway station. It also supports a local garage and its own primary school as it serves many tiny settlements throughout the wider area.

Just north of Kinbrace you enter the famous Flow Country, an area of peatland known for its wildlife. To the south lies Kildonan and the road to the coast at Helmsdale. Meanwhile, the road west takes you into the more mountainous part of Sutherland as you head towards Strathnaver.

Kinbrace is notable in east Sutherland because its small railway station is used commercially to transport timber from the nearby forestry plantations to markets in the south. Not only has this helped to sustain the local forestry industry but it is also a more environmentally friendly way to transport timber, not to mention safer than running large timber lorries on narrow single-track roads.

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